Contacting the Webmasters

This site is maintained by a team of volunteers who are constantly trying to improve it. We are all GIMP users and some of us are also GIMP developers. If you have a question or a comment about GIMP, we will do our best to help you. However, we get a lot of mail and we may not be able to answer all queries. The best way to get support is to post your questions and comments to one of the mailing lists or IRC channels.

If you have a problem with GIMP and you think that you have found a bug or if you would like to suggest a new feature, you can also take a look at our bugs page. Your problem may have been reported or solved already, so please search and browse for existing reports first.

If you have the feeling that your report will require (longer) discussion - this is true for most feature requests - then you should bring this topic up on the gimp-developer mailing list first.

Problems on this web site?

If you detected a problem on one of our pages, such as a broken link or some incorrect information, please use GNOME Gitlab to submit a bug report for this web site. Several GIMP contributors are keeping an eye on the bug database regularly so this is probably the best way to tell us about these problems and to get a timely response.

You can also subscribe to the gimp-web mailing list and then submit your improvement proposals to the list.

Problems with download mirrors?

You can also use GNOME Gitlab to notify us if you experience problems with a mirror of If you want to set up a new mirror, you may just follow the new mirror procedure.