GIMP in GSoC 2023

This year again, GIMP project got selected as mentor organization in the Google Summer of Code.

Applications by contributors are opening today (Monday, March 20, 2023) and will close on Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Project ideas

On our new developer website, we listed a few ideas which might be suitable for a GSoC. These range from core color science projects to UX improvements, build system updates or even making a website for our future extension platform.

Obviously this list of ideas is far from exhaustive and we definitely welcome your propositions. Even better, if you have great ideas of your own, it may play in your favor, as long as they are realistic projects which can be finished within GSoC timeframe, or at least broken down in usable parts.


As already explained last year, and again in our internship page, if you want to participate, some of the most important requirements are:

  • Get familiarized with our code by fixing a few patches beforehand. You don’t have to work on extra-complicated bugs or features at first (reports labelled “Newcomers” are probably good first-patch targets), nor does it absolutely need to be related to the topic of your planned project. We mostly need to interact with you on a technical topic as a first approach.
  • Communicate! Don’t just drop your project out of the blue on the GSoC interface (several people did this last year). Come and discuss your project ideas with us on IRC. You may also open a report on our issue tracker detailing your proposition.